The Myrtle Baptist Church of West Newton

Rev. Brandon Thomas Crowley, MDiv, STM | Senior Pastor
Rev. Howard Haywood | Pastor Emeritus

21 Curve Street West Newton, MA 02465 | 617.332.5870


January 2017 – Fasting and Consecration Week Reminders

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Please find attached the flyer for this year’s fasting week as well as seven daily meditation collections for you to use and share with your friends and family.

Remember to join us this evening at 8:00pm for our kick-off conference call and throughout this rest of the week on 6:00am conference calls and 8:00pm conference call/Facebook Live Bible study.

This year, you can also leave prayer requests in our Google prayer box using the link. All submissions are anonymous and will be kept private.

We are expecting miracles, signs, and wonders in your life and look forward to uniting in this sacred moment as a church family.

​Be blessed!​

Fasting Consecration MBC

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Myrtle Baptist Church, founded by freed slaves in 1874, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008 and exists as one of the oldest black churches in New England.

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